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Many come to to get their hands on our free Nokia unlocking software named WorldUnlock codes calculator. You can download it here:

Download WorldUnlock Codes Calculator

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Download and install the software to see models supported for free unlocking.

If you need help to unlock any other handset in the world, please just post a comment here on which brand and model you need unlocking, then we will help you!

We have new service to unlock the following Nokia phones:

1280 (RM-647)
1616 (RH-125)
1800 (RM-653)
2690 Classic (RM-635)
2700 Classic (RM-561)
2710 Navi (RM-586)
2730 Classic (RM-578/579)
3600 Slide (RM-352) SW: v56.26 and v57.23
3710a-1 (RM-509/510)
3720 Classic (RM-518)
Nokia 100 (RM-130)
Nokia 113 (RM-871)
Nokia 500 (RM-750)
5130 XpressMusic (RM-495)
5230 (RM-588/593/594/625/629)
5232 (RM-588/593/594/625/629)
5233 (RM-588/593/594/625/629)
5250 (RM-684)
5330 (RM-479/478)
5530 (RM-504)
5630 (RM-431)
5730 (RM-465)
5800 (RM-356)
600 (RM-701)
603 (RM-779)
6120c (RM-243)
6300 (RM-217) SW: v57.20
6303 Classic (RM-443)
6303i Classic (RM-638)
6500 Classic (RM-265) SW: v59.45
6500 Slide (RM-240) SW: v59.60
6700 Classic (RM-470)
6710 Navigator (RM-491)
6720 Classic (RM-424)
6730 Classic (RM-547/566)
6750 Mural (RM-381)
6760s (RM-573)
6790s (RM-492)
700 (RM-670)
701 (RM-774)
7020 (RM-497)
706 (RM-448)
7230 (RM-598/RM-604)
Asha 200 (RM-761/762)
Asha 201 (RM-799/RM-800)
Asha 203 (RM-832)
Asha 205 (RM-862/RM-863/RM-864)
Asha 206 (RM-872/RM-873)
Asha 300 (RM-781)
Asha 303 (RM-736)
Asha 302 (RM-813)
Asha 306 (RM-767)
Asha 311 (RM-714)
C1-01 (RM-607/608)
C1-02 (RM-643/RM-644)
C1-03 (RM-607)
C2-00 (RM-704)
C2-01 (RM-721/722)
C2-02 (RM-692)
C2-02.1 (RM-693)
C2-03 (RM-702)
C2-05 (RM-724/725)
C2-06 (RM-702)
C2-07 (RM-692)
C3-00 (RM-614)
C3-01 (RM-640/776)
C5-00 (RM-645/688)
C5-02 (RM-745)
C5-03 (RM-697/744)
C5-03.2 (RM-719)
C5-04 (RM-720)
C6-00 (RM-612/624)
C6-01 (RM-601/718)
C7-00 (RM-675/691)
C7-00s (RM-749)
E5-00 (RM-632/634/699)
E52 (RM-469/481)
E55 (RM-482)
E6-00 (RM-609)
E63 (RM-437/449/450/600) HASH: 47x, C7x
E66 (RM-343/345/420/494) HASH: 47x, C7x
E7-00 (RM-626)
E71-1 (RM-346/357/407/493) HASH: 47x, C7x
E71x (RM-462) HASH:47x, C7x
E72 (RM-529/530/584/) HASH: 25xx
E73 RM-568
N8-00 (RM-596)
N86 (RM-484/485/486)
N97 (RM-505/506/507)
N97 Mini (RM-553/555)
T7-00 (RM-679)
X2-00 (RM-618)
X2-01 (RM-709)
X2-01.1 (RM-717)
X2-03 (RM-709)
X2-05 (RM-772)
X3-00 (RM-540)
X3-01 (RM-687)
X3-02 (RM-639/775)
X5-01 (RM-627/648)
X6-00 (RM-551/559)
X7-00 (RM-707)
X7-00.1 (RM-659)

All you need to unlock it, is Windows computer + original USB cable + your phone.
Price for these Nokia phones are: 10 GBP, 17 USD or 12 EUR

If you want to unlock this model, please email [email protected] and we will respond with instructions, payment link and the software you need.

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