Free Sony Ericsson unlock

Free Sony Ericsson unlock

This new service gives you 100% free Sony Ericsson A2 unlocking. A2 includes the following Sony Ericsson models:

  • C510, C702, C901, C902, C903, C905
  • G905, G705
  • K630, K660, K850, K858
  • T700, TM506
  • V640
  • W595, W705, W715, W760, W890, W902, W908, W910, W980
  • Z750, Z770, Z780

What is required to unlock Sony Ericsson?

You need only three things:

  1. Software from Download it here.
  2. Login from
    • Username: gsmevolution
    • Password: gsmevolution
  3. Original usb cable that comes with your phone:

When you have all three, you are ready to unlock your Sony Ericsson A2 model for free!

Guide to unlock Sony Ericsson free

  1. Open software (download).
  2. Choose your model to unlock.
  3. Press Unlock
  4. Enter username (gsmevolution) and password (gsmevolution).
  5. Follow instructions on screen

    • Turn OFF your phone.
    • Hold buttons 2 and 5 while connecting USB cable to the phone.
    • Release buttons when computer reacts.
  6. If drivers are installed, phone will unlock in few seconds! Job complete :)
  7. If drivers are NOT installed, Windows will prompt you for drivers. Download here and unzip.
    • Windows Vista: Refer installer to folder where you unzipped file
    • Windows XP: Select folder where driver is unzipped
  8. When drivers are installed, phone will unlock. If not, reconnect it and it unlock.
  9. Tell your friends about :) Thanks!

14 thoughts on “Free Sony Ericsson unlock”

  1. It didn’t work for me either.
    Worldunlock generated a code but there were characters I didn’t recognise.
    Has anyone else encountered this problem?

  2. Hi,
    I can’t see me to manage to unlock my rather old SE C510
    Error report below,any help will be appreciated

    Action journal
    17:31:47 Instructions
    17:31:47 Please connect the phone via USB while holding 2-5…
    17:31:47 . The action name is 'Unlock'
    17:31:47 . The action started waiting for the user
    17:32:03 . The action finished waiting for the user
    17:32:03 Connecting via Generic EMP USB Flash Device (USB1) (ver.
    17:32:04 Connecting to the baseband...
    17:32:04 Entering service mode...
    17:32:05 Detected chipset: DB3210 (ID E9000401)
    17:32:05 Boot-ed via: ROM
    17:32:06 Sending loader...
    17:32:11 e Failed!
    17:32:11 . The action reported failure

    Error code
    # 628294B8B19C2AA4

    Error details
    7A 2B 97 71 98 CE 4C 7D 72 CB 28 D8 12 79 44 A0
    57 08 CE C0 5A 3F 3C 27 99 D2 9B 4B 0C C8 34 05
    1A 77 ED 54 89 B6 7A C2 52 9B F8 DD CE D0 36 95
    D8 AC 80 7F 86 6B D7 5B 44 17 56 38 3E C9 EC 91
    00 2B 5E 06 58 D0 0C 3D 32 0F 1F 00 96 96 52 F4
    6A 13 60 15 8D D3 5F 89 F0 CA D8 C7 1E 63 58 5A
    FC C4 FE 8E D6 D1 14 69 8F B8 00 55 20 26 E4 75
    4A 87 16 A0 D5 AD 72 8C 7E 75 48 97 FE F7 2C 25
    BA A3 30 F1 E4 22 CC 03 F2 4B A8 48 92 27 3C D5
    2B 96 4E F3 DA BF BC 5D 9E 15 98 FD 94 41 20 02

  3. @fubiku

    You can get unlock code for Sony Ericsson W200i from . you have to provide country and the network to which it is locked. After that get the code and unlock it.

  4. hi i cant seem to unlock my sony ericsson z750a and i did follow all of the instructions but it said error code f6ebd739e6b6eccb wha an i do?

  5. hi
    I have model w705a can you help me to unlock it IMEI 35180703-109257-3 SVN 24 PLEASE TELCEL MEXICO

  6. Hello,
    I tried to unlock my C510 with Aeris but homepage says project is over.
    Can you help me to unlock it. IMEI 34500803-349912-5 T-Mobile Croatia

  7. Hi,

    Can you please help me unlock my Samsung E2121b. My IMEI:359801033846732
    I’m from the Netherlands and my provider is Vodafone.
    Can you please send me an email [email protected]

    Thank you very mutch

  8. hello,
    I have model se w995, but you don`t have in list. can you help me to unlock it. IMEI 35821803-455848-2 (SVN 45) Norway Telenor. Thanks

  9. Hi,
    Well Samsung unlock code mobile phone is very extra features and function containing mobile phone in which there are new and extra features are available and security system is available.

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